What will my case cost?

Every case is different. I charge $295/hour and bill by the 1/10 of the hour (6 minutes= $29.50). A retainer is required up front and is based on the complexity of your case.

What are the grounds for divorce?

There are two ‘types’ of divorce. The first is “Limited Divorce”. This is essentially a legal separation. You can start dividing assets, set up child support and custody, but you aren’t actually divorced yet- so don’t try to get remarried! The other is “Absolute Divorce”. This is a divorce in the true sense of the word. There are many grounds for seeking an Absolute Divorce. They are: Adultery, Desertion, Conviction of crime, Insanity, Cruelty, Excessively vicious conduct, 12 month separation, and Mutual Consent. We will discuss the specifics of your situation to determine the best course to take.

My ex and I don’t have an Agreement yet in writing and he is insisting on a certain custody schedule- what can I do?

This is most clients’ biggest frustration. Before there is a formal agreement in place, there are no rules for either party to point to. The best way to solve this is to get a formal Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA) in place. An MSA covers a wide range of issues; everything from who gets grandma’s china and the house to child support and custody. Don’t try to take this on yourself; the process goes most smoothly when both sides are represented.

How does attorney client privilege work?

It is so important to be honest and open with your attorney. I promise you won’t shock me and I’ve heard worse. Most importantly, anything you tell me stays strictly between us. I can’t tell anyone about our discussions unless you say it’s ok.

When will this be over?!?

Every case is different (you’re going to get very sick of hearing that), but some can resolve in a few months and others drag on for years. There is an emotional and financial value to resolving cases sooner, so long as your goals are being met. Throughout the process we will talk about the pluses and minuses to resolving a case sooner or fighting it out in litigation.

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