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Emily has been my lawyer for several years and has handled various issues that have arisen from my divorce. She is always courteous, professional and extremely competent. In a recent matter that I had to take to court, it was Emily’s extensive preparation and knowledge of the law that convinced the opposing side to concede before we even went before the judge. Emily is a compassionate person who always puts my mind at ease when I call with questions and concerns. However, she doesn’t allow emotion to get in the way of making clear and reasonable decisions that result in the best outcome for everyone involved.

Emily was fantastic! She was understanding, empathic and instilled a great deal of confidence in me. My “easy” divorce became more than I bargained for and Emily was with me, supporting me throughout. It is with great honor that I recommend her services.

Emily was able to make this whole process less painful. I felt well-informed each step of the way. It was clearly communicated what was expected of me and what my choices were as we moved through the process. I truly felt like she had my back.

Emily is outstanding – her representation of me during my divorce case was exceptional. She understood the complexities of my case and she nailed it – all to my advantage and fairness towards me. In addition to her stellar legal mindset, she provides warmth and compassion. There is a human side to Emily. She goes above and beyond. She will wrap the human factor into her representation of you and your case. She truly cares about her clients. We took this journey together and she showed me the way out. Emily is a true warrior. I am very proud to have been represented by Emily P. Shank, Esq. Good luck on your journey.

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